Welcome to Tanzania!


The information here is emailed to all volunteers. On this page, all the latest changes / additions can be found. For further information/questions please email: africamadaktari@gmail.com.







Security warning (June 2019)

The US travel site has issued a warning of caution about security concerns in Tanzania and other countries in the African continent. The feedback we have received from the US embassy in TZ is that the recent statements issued form TZ, Kenya and Ethiopia mostly refer to petty crimes. There is no current indication of more serious criminal activity. US peace corps issued a statement to their volunteers reminding them on general awareness etc, nothing more.  


EBOLA (July 2019)

The Ebola outbreak that started in Congo in 2018 is still ongoing and cases have been reported in neighbouring countries. Tanzania remains free of Ebola and there is no cause for concern. For your safety we keep monitoring the situation on daily basis and will keep you informed should anything change.



Be sure to have this app loaded on your cellphone before you leave. 


If you don't have a visa yet, these can be easily obtained locally upon arrival at the airport. You will need to apply for a business visa ($250 – to be paid in cash). A tourist visa does not suffice unfortunately. The whole process will take approximately an hour and is well organized (even if at first this doesn't seem the case). Depending upon your arrival time you may wish to skip this hurdle by applying for a visa prior to your departure at your nearest TZ embassy.



Bring a selection: 

If you can get $US bills, a few $20, $50, and $100 bills which are clean, no tears or markings on the bill and newer than 2009 would be helpful. You can safely change money in the hotel. Occasionally, they run out, so previously I have changed $100 at the airport on arrival to ensure I have enough in hand.


Airport pickup

A driver from JKCI will be at the airport with a JKCI sign. He/she will have a list with your name on it. Drivers are coordinated by: 

Transport Officer, Mr. Kelvin Manyanga +255 788 556522, or +255 657 909694

For each member of your team the driver of JKCI will be at the airport with a JKCI sign. 

Should anything go wrong with the airport pick-up, it is safe to take a taxi from the airport (thought it is a chaotic experience). As an extra pre-caution take a picture of the licence plate of the taxi and send to a colleague & me via whatsapp/email. I reiterate that nothing ever happened to one of our volunteers, and that this is just being extra cautious. We do not recommend taking an Uber. 



Hotel reservations

Madaktari organizes your hotel reservation. We try to keep the whole team together and we book shared rooms to keep your costs low. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to pay for your accommodation, but we do negotiate the lowest rates for you. Occasionally we are able to find a local donor to assist in the hotel costs. This tends to be the exception to the rule though.

Medical license & registration 
- your CV

- Your Academic certificates

- Your Passport photocopy

- Your License of practice

- And complete the documents attached (for all team members - one is for dr. and one is for nurses).

Insurance & waiver
- Volunteer waiver and insurance form. 

Please note: since our inception we never experienced any untoward event. However, you may wish to add additional insurance. Previous volunteers have used:img.com and allianztravelinsurance.com

Madaktari Africa support letter 
For each volunteer that travels to Tanzania we provide a support letter for customs. We will need to complete this once you have your tickets booked so we have the exact dates. 


Voluntary contribution

Madaktari's budget is financed through a mix of assessed and voluntary contributions.

Voluntary contributions come from volunteers and friends of Madaktari. Voluntary contributions have accounted for more than three quarters of the organization’s financing. Please help us by making a voluntary contribution on: https://www.madaktari.org/home/donate-now/. Annual donations allow us better planning and long term-program support.


Party with a Purpose
Everybody loves a party, and everybody loves to hear exotic stories and support friends & family. We highly recommend every volunteer to organize at least one party with a purpose (you can organize as many as you like - at home, at work, sports club, etc.). Attached is a recommended template. We can support your efforts by providing printable materials (photos, flyers, and a letter stating your cause is genuine). Please let us know if you need support with this. 

Important contacts: 
Prof. Mohamed Janabi (CEO of JKCI)

Tel: +255 (0) 755 495 270

Tel: +255 (0) 784 855 100

Email: moddyyakubu@yahoo.com

Faith (PA) to Prof. Mohamed Janabi
Tel: +255 (0) 725 274 070

Tel: +255 (0) 784 274 079

Email: faith.temba@jkci.or.tz

Email: faitemba@hotmail.com

General number JKCI
Tel: +255 22 215 0534

Address: Malik Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Safe local taxi drivers in Dar
(Mention Maarten Hoek)

Old cars, but totally safe and super friendly. For the adventurous go eat at Mr. Mwamba’s local restaurant


Tel: +255 (0) 784 283 844

Tel: +255 (0) 655 283 844

(best to WhatsApp or message to avoid language confusion)



Tel: +255 713 432 757

Tel: +255 765 404 951

Tel: +255 628 126 546


In case your flight is delayed

If your flight is considerably delayed, please call:

Mohamed Janabi: +255 784 855 100

Faith: +255 715 274 070

Transport Officer, Mr. Kelvin Manyanga +255 788 556522, or +255 657 909694

In case of emergencies
US embassy TZ

Tel: +255 22 229 4000

Address: 686 Old Bagamoyo Road Msasani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Website: https://tz.usembassy.gov/


IST clinic (for medical emergencies)


+255 22 260 1307

Please also contact/inform Prof. Mohamed of all (medical) emergencies.

List of restaurants / places of interest
- Slipway (several nice restaurants and shops, also ferry to Bongoyo island (serve lunch there)

- Sea Cliff restaurant (shops and restaurant with amazing view)

- “206” is close by your accommodation and has nice food & atmosphere.

- More local and interesting settings are: 305 Karrafuu (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293748-d4789009-Reviews-305_Karafuu-Dar_es_Salaam_Dar_Es_Salaam_Region.html)

- And my personal local favorite; Rohobot (https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?ll=-6.776415751830859%2C39.27180997545213&spn=0.017045%2C0.021415&hl=en&msa=0&z=18&source=embed&ie=UTF8&iwloc=00048173cfeba2c55aa19&mid=1mjqwz0uDAXntFGKWGYKcSgPakL4)

- There are lots of places to eat around the peninsula and town. Best to ask Prof. Mohamed for advice locally or email me with wishes and I will recommend something fitting.

- Take the boat from Slipway and go to the island "Bongoyo". Great swimming, snorkeling (low tide) and fantastic local seafood lunch. 

- For weekend trips/safari, best email me to make a plan.


Some general tips


       ATM’s do work in many parts of the city, but if you wish to bring cash, note that it can be changed in the hotel for a fair rate of exchange. Bring clean, not torn, no writing on the bill, $20, $50 or $100 bills to get the best rate of exchange (try to ensure these bills are newer than 2009);


⁃       Tell your bank/credit card source where you are going and when. Otherwise your card will likely be refused locally.


⁃       Bring sunscreen, and mosquito repellent, and any meds you normally take


⁃       If you take Malaria prophylaxis, make sure you start your prophylaxis three days before flying


⁃       Please ensure you printed (and put a copy in your hand-luggage) of the Madaktari Letter of invitation. 


⁃       Reasonably modest dress code


⁃       Bring scrubs to change into at the hospital


⁃       Swim suit for Zanzibar/hotel pool


⁃       Reminder, we will try to be considerate with the room-sharing allocations and are preparing a list; do support us in helping to keep our hotel costs minimal. If we are lucky, (part of) the hotel costs will be paid for by the local rotary.


⁃       NO PLASTIC BAGS. Not even in your luggage. You will incur a fine. This rule has been introduced since June 1st. I know of two other African countries that have also introduced this rule. Be careful to minimize the number of plastic bags in your luggage. There is apparently a special table set aside at the airport for officials to check luggage due to this new regulation. (I assume it is to protect the wildlife therein). The tourists are not the focus of their interest, but they are anxious to prevent free and unregulated distribution of plastic to the local population.  


⁃       An evening out (night in Dar) with Afriroots will be an unforgettable experience (not for the sensitive or faint hearted).


⁃       Other resources: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/tanzania/dar-es-salaam