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Global health has become a compelling part of the medical training curriculum.  Physicians, nurses and other health care workers often see their roles as expanding out to other cultures for both humanitarian reasons and for professional ones.  There’s a saying that by teaching, we learn what we need to know.  Because the members of the Madaktari team stay in the country for longer periods of time, they have a unique opportunity to hone their diagnostic skills, to learn to work with fewer resources, and to be less reliant on technology.  Volunteers report that they return from their Madaktari experience with a greater sense of confidence – of pride – in the fact that they’ve utilized all of their medical training and developed an ability to adapt to challenging medical issues.

Volunteers with Madaktari experience a different culture in a hands-on, immersive way. They see a different level of need, dramatic evidence of why they are there. People are people everywhere, but in sub-Saharan Africa, the impact of volunteer efforts is measurable and gratifying. The investment in the time and energy that it takes to train others, to empower local health care workers to do better - to go farther - creates almost immediate results.

Madaktari’s goal is to harness the energy and talent that is already present in the people of Tanzania and other African countries as well as expand on this talent by teaching advanced medical expertise.  Our volunteers consist, not just of physicians and nurses and other health care workers such as ultra sound technicians, but inventors and business people – who all work to create a sustainable health care system that will live on and on in the lives of the African people long after the volunteers have gone.  It’s global health care at its best – creating a ripple effect that can continue, raising the level of health care access, not just in sub-Saharan Africa, but to other underserved countries around the world.



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