Our core activity is teaching and training medical staff in the field of cardiology. It is our vision to become the leading NGO in sub-Saharan Africa in medical training in cardiology.

Currently, our biggest cardiology program was established in 2012 when Muhimibili National Hospital joined forces with a group of cardiologists from Centra Health and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to start an interventional cardiology program.


This program would allow hearth catheterizations to be done on patients in Tanzania who have blockages in their heart needing stents. Along with the need for training of interventional cardiologists, there was a need for training of the cath lab staff, such as nurses and cardiovascular technicians.


Madaktari has supported dozens of volunteers on missions to the cath lab since 2013. These volunteers were cardiologists, ICU nurses, cath lab nurses and managers, and x-ray technicians. Their primary focus was to train the local staff to increase their knowledge and provide better services.


The volunteer opportunities are endless, and particularly the need for nurse training and technician training is in high demand. The staff at Muhimibili are always welcoming of new volunteers to help the "train forward" method Madaktari emphasizes, and to help the continuum of care of the patient. 

If you are considering getting involved with volunteer work, and want to learn more about opportunities, you can contact us directly by clicking on the button below.


Some of the specialties we are seeking include: Intensive care nurses, step down cardiac care nurses, neuro ICU and step down nurses, interventional cardiology x-ray technologist, Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (RCIS), and cardiac cath lab nurses.

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