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The road to becoming a doctor is long and the initial investment is large. A person born in sub-Saharan Africa has to be exceptionally bright, exceptionally motivated, and have a good dose of luck to become a nurse or doctor. Once a health care worker, the lack of funding continues to be a key barrier to further learning. Knowledge, that could often make significant contributions to reducing the burden of disease.

Madaktari Africa trains doctors according to local need. This ensures that time invested in the education can be effectively used and make a difference to the local population. Our medical team volunteers their knowledge, time and services. Our local partners volunteer logistics, equipment and whatever is needed for us to collaborate. You can be a part of Madaktari Africa team! 


An average educational trip costs $10-15,000.  This amount covers the costs of medical equipment, licences, and logistics. During an average week 2-3 health care workers can be taught specific interventions and an average 20 patients will be helped. The true benefit to the population will come after the team has left and the new intervention will become standard procedure. And more health care workers will be trained by the initially trained nurses and doctors. 


With your help, we can turn this page and start the next chapter towards sustainability and empowerment. If you decide to sponsor a health care worker, we can make this a reality.


Please contact us at africamadaktari@gmail.com if you would like to sponsor a health care worker. We will then send you regular updates, photo's and video's. 

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