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Why donate to Madaktari Africa?

  • Madaktari Africa is a unique organization
  • We play a leading role, inspiring action and taking medical aid to the next, sustainable, level
  • We connect people, forging partnerships across borders and cultures
  • We see the bigger picture - we don't run medical projects in isolation
  • We seek solutions, taking a positive, constructive long-term approach to medical aid 

What we have achieved?

  • Piloted neurosurgery in Tanzania
  • Helped establish the first cardiology catheretization centre in Tanzania
  • Helped create 27 Neurosurgeons in Tanzania
  • Supported the onward training of many Tanzanian doctors and nurses in various disciplines
  • Through training and education, improved or saved the lives of many children and adults alike 

Need help with your donation?

Please contact us at

Madaktari Africa

PO Box 3440

Lynchburg, VA 24503

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Madaktari Africa is a 501 (c)3 organisation